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Bespoke Leather Reel Cases

Introducing a limited run of hand stitched, hand designed, and hand tooled padded and lined leather reel cases for protection on or off the river.

Own a Bogdan, Hardy Perfect or Bougle? How about a Saracione, Brusky, Olson or other reel of aesthetic or collector value? More of these reels are scratched getting in and out of the river than in any other way. These reel cases will help to prevent scratches and gouges to your reel due to light contact with rocks and other hard objects. The case envelopes the reel and rod when hiking to or from the water.

Each case is made of oiled leather lined with acrylic fleece that dries faster than conventional wool. The case is fastened by an easily replaced leather thong and cooresponding tie down disc with adjustable holes. Each case also bears a hand tooled and painted leather medallion on its back panel. Each case is made individually and is slightly unique.

Protect your investment with a bit of class.

$120.00 plus $7.00 shipping CONUS.

Note: These are functional cases, but are intended to be treated delicately. They should be dried after use, treated with a quality leather preserver from time to time, and not abused. Constant immersion in water will shorten the effective life of the case. Think of them as half a hand-made functional item, and half decorative. They are not as durable as neoprene cases. Usable art, if you will.